Duniya Vijay’S Role In ‘Veera Simha Reddy’ Will Prove He’S A Performer

The Role Of Duniya Vijay In Veera Simha Reddy Will Prove That He Is A Performer

Roles Are Written With Him In Mind When He Was In His 15 Year Career

He Staged Dramas With The Entire Family For A Year

At The End Of The Harvest Season Vijay Would Perform On Stage

The Actor Was Waiting For The Right Script

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There Is A Mass Connection And Visibility Besides It Is A Pongal Release

The Movie Has Its Share Of Plus Points And An Eclectic Casting

I Always Wanted To Do A Role That Would Showcase My Acting Skills And Prove Me As A Performer

All The Characters Were Designed Neatly And Justified Their Presence Through Balanced Footage And Emotions

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I Knew Nothing When I Came Here But Now I Know Where I Stand In This Industry

Life Throws Up A Lot Of Surprises But We Shouldnt Stop Working Hard