Swami Vivekananda Birthday Quotes For Deep Wisdom

There Are Quotes From The Birthday Of Swami Vivekananda

In A Conflict Between The Brain And The Heart Follow Your Heart

Do Whatever You Can To Build Your Hope On None

If You Do One Thing At A Time It Will Put Your Whole Soul Into The Exclusion Of All Else

If I Love Myself Despite My Flaws How Can I Hate Anyone

Who Is Helping You Dont Forget Them Who Is Loving You Dont Hate Them Who Is Believing You Dont Cheat Them

Do Not Become Others If You Learn Everything That Is Good From Others

These Are The Things That Will Tell You The Real Character Of A Great Person

Great Work Requires Persistence For A Long Time

Perseverance Is One Of The Three Essentials To Success And Above All Love

The More We Come Out And Do Good To Others The More God Will Be With Us

Truth Is Often Far From Being Comfortable